Catholic Church in Shizuoka city

Welcome to Catholic Church in Shizuoka city.

Please visit our church. The door is opened at anytime. God loves us all equally. He is inviting everyone.If you want to know about Christianity, the Bible, prayer and mass, especially about the way of life. Please visit our church at anytime.

About our Church

There are 5 Catholic churches in Shizuoka city. They are Shizuoka and Chiyoda in Aoi ward, Yahata in Suruga ward, Shimizu and Kusanagi in Shimizu ward. Catholic Church in Shizuoka city is the community for joint mission of Christianity. Please visit churches nearby your house.
If you want to consult with a priest about catechism, Bible study, preparation to Sacraments, Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation and Marriage. Please contact with our church.

The restrictions on public mass will be gradually lifted. 

The restrictions on public mass will be gradually lifted.         
Since October, the number of new corona infections has decreased nationwide. However, with the cold of winter, there is a possibility that the 6th wave of COVID-19 will come. The Catholic Church will continue to take action to prevent infection, and will lift some of the simplified restrictions on public mass from December onwards. In the simplified Mass, the leader was chanting the prayers of the Mass.

★ From December, the congregation will chant prayers a voice wearing a mask.
★ From January 2022, we will basically have every weekly Sunday Mass based on the schedule table.

We ask that churches continue to cooperate in infection prevention measures.

*Seishin District Sunday mass Priest Rotation Table (December, Christmas)

*Seishin District Sunday mass Priest Rotation Table (2022 January ~ March)

 The Emergency suspension of Shimizu church facilities

                                                    October 18, 2021
The emergency suspension of the use of church facilities
                                              Chief Priest, Fr. Shinichi Takahashi
                                            Church Chairperson, Akiyo Muraoka
  In Shimizu Church we have been discussing earthquake resistance of the Pastoral Hall since2002. In addition, the Yokohama Parish approved the establishment of the Shimizu Church Construction Committee and began to make a concrete plan on June 2014. As we discussed the current chapel, the possibility of preserving the current chapel came to be a major issue in the construction plan. On November 19, 2015, Shimizu Church sent an Emergency Construction Committee Report to the parish to tell our intention to abandon the preservation of the chapel with large amounts of money, and the parish approved the abandonment of the maintenance of the current chapel.

  On January 29, 2019, the Yokohama parish, which took into account the situation of Shimizu Church, announced a future "decision notice" that "the parish will conduct the current chapel in accordance with the principle of complementarity."
In July, the KR Building Research Institute, which was selected by the Parish Construction Committee, made an earthquake-resistant diagnosis, and based on the results, the preservation plan of the chapel was abandoned with the "Notice" dated August 21, 2020. And taking into account the situation of COVID-19 calamity, the plan of the new church facility of Shimizu Church will be told to Shimizu Church members in near future.

  In mid-August 2021, plaster on the ceiling fell. There were also many other large and small and shallow cracks on the walls and ceilings. And we found there was a large risk of collapse. Therefore, the Church Committee asked the parish if it was ok to use it or not. As a result of discussions at the Parish Construction Committee on September 17 and the Bishop's Advisory Committee on September 27, we received documents on the decision to ban future use, giving priority to the safety of the people. We think that people may feel lonely and sorry for the sudden decision, but we would like you to understand that the priority is your safety.

  Shimizu Church's current chapel and the Pastoral Hall will be suspended at the end of October.
  After discussing the future at the committee and having been examined by the Council of Kusanagi Church, we decided to use all of the mass and activities at Kusanagi Church from November 2021 until the construction of a new Shimizu Church facility.
At present, we do mass simplified by corona every other week, so we will continue the mass at Kusanagi church. Mass Shimizu Church of south area will be held on Sunday, November 14 at the chapel of Kusanagi Church at 10:30 a.m. November 28, east, north, Kambara, and others. If you would like to ride together, contact the committee. In addition, there are about 20 cars in the Kusanagi Church parking lot, so please use the nearby coin parking when it is full.

 Please, I pray for the people of the world who are suffering from COVID-19 calamity,
          For the Shimizu Church Community moving forward in this trial
                I ask that you work together to pray for each other.

 Notice from "COMUNITAS"

Notice from "COMUNITAS"
     a meeting of migrants in the Seishin area.
Public mass has been canceled in Shizuoka Prefecture. Sister Ana Maria provided information because there were many requests to convey information about Mass and Pastoral information in multiple languages.


◆ Spanish (APALA, a Spanish-speaking pastor under the Committee on Refugee and Migration)
Every Friday: Prayer and Believer Training Course pm 8:00, Sunday Mass.
Español: cada viernes oración 8pm, y cada Domingo Misa online

◆ Portuguese Hamamatsu Church Portuguese Community Page Every Saturday 7:30 pm
Portugues Cada 6a feira Terço, cada sábado Missa 7:30 pm
◆ English-Tagalog Zoom Misa Halina't Magpasalamat

Comunitas information for migrants.(Spanish. Portuguese. English. Tagalog) 

St. John Baptist
Chiyoda Catholic Church

St. Dominic Shizuoka
Catholic Church

St. Maria Mother of God
Yahata Catholic Church

Holy Mother of Boulogne
Shimizu Catholic Church

St. Paul Kusanagi Catholic Church


St. Dominic Shizuoka Catholic Church

Japanese massSunday10:30
English mass3rd Sunday13:00
Japanese massSaturday

St. John Baptist Chiyoda Catholic Church

Japanese massSunday9:00

St. Maria Mother of God Yahata Catholic Church

Japanese massSunday 9:00
Japanese massThursday10:00
Japanese mass1st Friday10:00

Holy Mother of Boulogne Shimizu Catholic Church

Japanese massSunday(1,3,4,5th)

1st, 3rd Friday

Portuguese mass1st Sunday14:00
Japanese + Spanish2nd Sunday10:30

St. Paul Kusanagi Catholic Church

Japanese mass

Vietnamese mass

*Vietnam Society

2nd Sunday



Shizuoka Catholic Church

1-5 Jounai-cho Aoi ward, Shizuoka city 〒420-0854
Public Transportations
JR Shizuoka-Station 15 minutes walk from North exit.
Shizutetsu Line’s Shinshizuoka-Station 10 minutes walk from Senova exit.

Chiyoda Catholic Church

1-18-14 Higashichiyoda Aoi ward, Shizuoka city 〒420-0801 ☎054-261-7754
Public Transportations
Shizutetsu-Bus Senashinden-Line, from Agetsuchi-dannchimae stop, 5 minutes walk.
Shizutetsu Line’s Furusho-Station 20 minutes walk

Yahata Catholic Church

4-10-14 Yahata Suruga ward, Shizuoka city 〒422-8076 ☎054-282-5629
Public Transportations
JR Shizuoka-Station 15 minutes walk from South exit.

Shimizu Catholic Church

1-34 Okamachi Shimizu ward, Shizuoka city 〒424-0931 ☎054-352-7188
Public Transportations
JR Shimizu-Station 30 minutes walk from West exit.
Shizutetsu Line’s Irieoka-Station 10 minutes walk.

Kusanagi Catholic Church

2-5-12 Nakanogo Shimizu ward, Shizuoka city 〒424-0888 ☎054-345-4792
Public Transportations
JR Kusanagi-Station 8 minutes walk from South exit.
Shizutetsu Line’s Kusanagi-Station 5 minutes walk.